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Where flour becomes Art

Researches, warmth welcome and craftsmanship are the cornerstone and mission of our arts.
Arte Bianca means Italian food, means love, passion and uniqueness. We are maniacally in love with good Italian cuisine and with all those genuine flavours that can only come from high quality products, 0 km and slow food presidium.

We want to make you fall in love with our food

Arte Bianca is not only a “pizzeria”, Arte Bianca is the expression of years of researches and studies to find the perfect balance between the ingredients we use and to gift our customers with a special journey made of unique flavours.

Flour and water are the ingredients where it all starts

This culinary journey starts with flour and water. Our flour was chosen because it has unique and specific nutritional features compared to others, especially with reference to the grinding method.
This flour comes an Italian quality product appropriately grinded in a small country mills with more than century that has been running for over a century. A mill that, by choice, didn’t entered in the big industrial production.

Our Pizza is fragrant, light, tasty and easily digestible

All these qualities thanks to a slow and delicate grinding of the flour and to high quality wheat that allow us to better enjoy the rheological properties of the product, keeping its specific charachteristics.

Our mission is to give to our customers a wider experience, we’d like them “not only to eat” we want to create a unique “journey” each time they give a bite to our fragrant pizza, we want our customers to know that each single bites hidden a unique story; stories about life experience, passions, traditions and years of researches made to reach the Arte Bianca quality.

Get to know each product that composes our dishes

We care of our customers and we want them to be able to know all the products that compose our dishes, the relevant producers, their faces, their families , their stories and traditions. We believe that food unites people and makes life happier, improving its quality. Food makes us better if we learn how to “read it”. Food is our job.

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